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The 4 Elements Fire, Earth, Water, Air and their Healing Functions



What is offered here goes far beyond the contents of the 1st and 2nd degree of the Rainbow Reiki® System and of course also the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree of Traditional Usui Reiki. The two Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner seminars do not build on each other and can be attended independently! The contents of the Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner Seminars are consistently focused on efficiency in the practice of spiritual healing. In the Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner 2 seminar there are two main focuses…




The Five Sacred Animals are light beings known from the spiritual tradition of ancient China. They play an important role not only in Feng Shui. Also in Rainbow Reiki they can impart deep wisdom about healing from a spiritual point of view and help in the constructive design of life. They are especially specialized in spiritual personality development.


  • The Serpent supports, among other things, the spiritual element of earth, attunement to natural rhythms, healing and healthy development of the center of a person.

  • The Dragon supports wisdom and goodness, clarity of mind and vitality.

  • The Phoenix is associated with beauty, new beginnings, longevity, tantric sexuality and helps to harmonize depressive moods.

  • The Turtle is associated, among other things, with the themes of security and protection, with prosperity and health.

  • The Tiger is a spiritual warrior. Among other things, he is responsible for the development of individuality, concentration on the essentials and effectiveness.





The Rainbow Reiki working crystal ‘Laya Te Yan’ offers, among other things, the following functions…


  • Energetic cleansing of objects, spaces, energy organs (for example: Major and minor chakras, acu-meridians, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, kidneys, lungs) mucous membrane, joints.
    Building up and breaking down of a protective circle- transformation of energies that are hostile to life into energies that promote life.

  • Energetic stabilization

  • Spiritual harmonization of destructive social patterns

  • Karma clearing

  • Seeking refuge in the safety of the Great Goddess

  • Establish healing, direct contact with light beings for oneself and others

  • Harmonizing the forces of the Four Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air)

  • Support of the subtle perception

  • Energetic injection

  • Remote transmission of healing spiritual forces

  • Boost a Mantra

  • Removal of occupations

  • Encouraging deep relaxation

  • Vitalization

  • Support of constructive thoughts

  • Support of constructive feelings

  • Crystal database: storage of vibrational remedies (for example: flower essences, crystals) for later use in energy work sessions with the Laya Te Yan

  • Interactive blockage analysis and harmonization

  • Regeneration

  • And many more




  • Initiation of your personal working crystal

  • Initiation into the 5 Sacred Animals (Dragon, Tortoise, Phoenix, Tiger, Snake)

  • Healings with the 5 animal symbols

  • Mystical journeys with the 5 Mystical Animals

  • Wyrn Shaya – Bathing in the flow of life

  • Creative healing work with the Laya Te Yan

  • Space cleansing

  • Energy transformation

  • Karma clearing

  • Calling light beings

  • Pattern scanning & retrieval

  • Stabilize energies

  • Build up protective fields

  • And many more


All functions can be combined and applied flexibly and practically. This second, independent part of the Rainbow Reiki Practitioner training imparts the knowledge of the healing power of the Five Sacred Animals (Dragon, Tortoise, Phoenix, Tiger and Snake). These power animals, known from classical Chinese Feng Shui, are each guardians and custodians of an astral realm that provides the initiate with comprehensive assistance in spiritual healing of homes, apartments, power places and landscapes, and in the attainment of divine wisdom. The Rainbow Reiki Working Crystal is connected to the Master Crystals of the Goddess deep within the Earth in a special initiation ritual. It can be used to create energetic clearings, yin and yang charges and protective fields, as well as to open dimensional gates.The information patterns of healing remedies can be stored in it. It can perform complex energy work on its own after programming and much more. The Rainbow Reiki working crystal is made of a rock crystal with a special cut and an energetic attunement, which can be purchased in the seminar.





  • SAT + SUN 10 AM – 6 PM

  • Bath Room breaks

  • Lunch break 90 minutes





  • 2nd degree of Traditional Usui Reiki or 2nd degree of Rainbow Reiki®





  • 420€ (incl VAT)

  • Includes comprehensive manual

  • Please note: The crystal for your working crystal initiation is not included in the seminar price. A Marcel-Vogel-Crystal is currently available at 69€ (S), 119€ (M) and 169€ (L) during the seminar. Please let me know 4 weeks prior to the event if you wish to order one or more crystals and which size.

  • Repeater price 140€ (incl VAT)


If you would like to learn more about my work as a Rainbow Reiki healer & teacher or if you are looking for such a path yourself, I recommend my website


All methods described here are not to be seen as a substitute for a visit to the doctor and may only be used within the framework of the applicable laws! We explicitly point out to consult a state-approved medical doctor in case of serious illnesses.

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