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Rainbow Reiki® sessions for you


If you are struggling with something in your life and would like to have

individualsupport for your topic systematically I will be glad to help you

with the huge range of Rainbow Reiki®- possiblities and tailor it to your needs.

We will meet face to face in Zoom so we will hear and see each other during the session.


We will also find out more about your most important spiritual learning topics, blocks and how to harmonize them with the help of chakra-energy-cards regarding the topic you want to transform. 




In order to provide you with a very good support also between the sessions

I often energize good fresh water, organic massage oil or an aura spray during

the session for you over the distance with which you can easily support your

energy system regarding the topics we worked on. If you are already initiated

in Reiki or Rainbow Reiki® I will be glad to help you how to work on your topic more effienctly. 


I love to help people to find new solutions and relief in a magical way!

You will feel the difference in your every-day-life. 



Please note: 


My sessions are in no way meant as a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment by a state-approved medical practitioner. 


Rainbow Reiki® Sessions

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