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RIJA Nordic Voice

Vocal Coaching & Rainbow Reiki®

Aija-Riitta Holopainen has been playing & teaching music her whole life

and got her education in the Conservatory of Kuopio, Finland.

She has performed with various instruments & voice in Finland, Austria, Germany and Canada. 

She has been teaching music e.g. in the Upper Austrian State music school, specialized in

popular & world music vocals , for 20 years, helping singers to find their true voice & authentic expression.



Aija-Riitta aka RIJA Nordic Voice also has a solid backround in the field of spiritual energy work:


with Reiki since 2004 and with Rainbow Reiki® since 2009. 

She is  a licensed Rainbow Reiki® master & teacher 1.Dan

giving seminars in Finnish, German and soon also in English helping people to discover their hidden potential. 


Music and Rainbow Reiki® also melt together in Rija´s  work in a very special way.  That is how for example a special concept supporting singers and speakers with Rainbow Reiki®, Magic for the voice,  emerged.



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