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Why Rainbow Reiki®?


  • guaranteed high quality

  • a really vast pool of tools that you can use creatively & flexible 

  • you learn holistic & systematic ways to grow out of your problems

and help others do the same 

  • you´ll notice concrete results in your every-day-life 

  • spiritual growth & energywork become an adventure

  • suitable to all from beginnerst to pro









What else makes Rainbow Reiki® so special?


Licenced masters & teachers are trained for many years and thorough

and are committed to further Rainbow Reiki®-trainings Why? 


Reiki functions only as well as you can use it - merely having the attunements

does not bring great results in the long run. And: in order to provide the best quality for everyone the Rainbow Reiki®-system is updated regurlarly. 


Rainbow Reiki®  provides solutions for problems of today from the spiritual perspective, holistic point of view - like for example looking at things with the help of the 3 principles „love, consciousness and personal responsibility“. 


Rainbow Reiki® offers a holistic & systematic approach also for complex problems with easy-to-use powerful and safe energyworktechniques like Marayana Sayi®, Kiss of the Great Goddess which is already included in the 1st degree of Rainbow Reiki®. So you can use Reiki for complex themes for large groups over the distance already after the 1st degree!


Rainbow Reiki®  was developed by Walter Lübeck as an answer to problems that in his experience Usui Reiki could not solve. Mikao Usui managed it in 4 years that the gift of Reiki spread all over the world, leaving us beautiful treasures like the 5 principles of life. Now, 100 years later our society is facing partly different kind of problems as in the time of Usui.  So Walter kept on researching, the last 30 years, and developed new ingenious additional applications.  Over 90% of the content of Rainbow Reiki® is new for people who know Usui Reiki. He also included elements from holistic psychology, body work, healing impulses that are not Reiki like crystals, essences and much more.


Rainbow Reiki® includes also Usui Reiki and the spiritual line of attunements goes back to Mikao Usui. If you already have Reiki: imagine that what you learned in your wonderful Reiki 1 is included in Rainbow Reiki® 1, and it forms 3-5% of the content of the weekend of Rainbow Reiki® 1. The rest is new to you! Now you get an idea, how much Rainbow Reiki® provides.  And: there are about 20 different Rainbow Reiki®-seminars available, so the possibilities are really huge! Let´s make this world a better, happier place! 

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