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Rainbow Reiki® Elven Lights


As a singer, RIJA Nordic Voice, my voice has been very often associated withthe faeries over the years.

I was more than thrilled, as the Rainbow Reiki® founder Walter Lübeck

launched the Rainbow Reiki® Elven Lights Training in November 2020. It felt like home to me -

and I have been working with the Faeries ever since. I love to include them to the Rainbow Reiki® sessions or give whole Elven Light sessions. 


Sometimes, when things get difficult and complex, it is time to call the beings of light to help us.

The Elven Lights are specialists for situations when the problems are so big or they are so many you don´t even know where to start. The fairies work in our underconsciousness on their special areas of spiritual growth and bring joy, playfulness, laughter but also tell you about your weaknesses and learning themes and help you to see how you can do things differently so that you are happy with your life and help you to transform, if you wish. Since they entered my life I can´t imagine my life without them. 


You are very welcome to listen my channelled improvisations

with the Rainbow Reiki® Elven Lights on Youtube! 

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