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"RIJAs new Album SILENT HEART is Beautiful Mysterious"

The wintry spell cast by RIJA’s Silent Heart is nearly impossible to shake off; the ethereal beauty conjured by vocalist Aija-Riitta Holopainen and composer/arranger/guitarist Harald Peterstorfer in track after track dazzles the senses in epic fashion, creating a need for repeated spins that borders on addiction. Each listen reveals another layer of sonic gorgeousness as Holopainen’s voice and Peterstorfer’s guitars are embedded with subtly beautiful hooks. They shine like diamonds. All About Jazz USA

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Aija-Riitta Holopainen lets her voice float heavenwards freely, smoothly and clearly, meditatively, introspectively and sometimes playfully and flirty: a fragile vocal spherical sound that fascinates especially when shamanistic reminiscences of the archaic tradition of rune-singing pass by

(not dissimilar to Mari Boines Yoik) Concerto Austria

Discography (selection):


RIJA Silent Heart 2013

RIJA Sarastus 2009 (Silenzio Records)

open skies Holopainen/Peterstorfer 2003 (ATS Records)

Returns to the light Out Of Blue 2002 (UNIVERSAL Records)

Songs for a mirror Holopainen/Peterstorfer 2000 (ATS Records)


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