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Magic for YOUR voice

RIJA Nordic Voice Vocal coaching + Rainbow Reiki® = Magic for the voice!

Ready for the next level of vocal coaching?

My goal is to help you to free your authentic voice of your soul in all its colours - 

in a way that is healthy and gives you a playground for your individual creativity

and lots of pleasure. It is a big adventure to possibilities that can open.

Are you ready for something new? 


I combine my wisdom und experience as an artist,

vocal coach and Rainbow Reiki® proto support your individual situation. 


When vocal coaching is combined with Rainbow Reiki® in a very special way it can

open many new doors regarding your sound, range, expression, creativity, authentic

performance and help you to overcome your old limits in a very unexpected way. 


Magic for the voice -group sessions


The group sessions consist of specific Rainbow Reiki® applications to enhance thesound of your voice.

You can hear and feel the difference right away since we do some  simple, pleasant & relaxed vocal excersices

before and after in a group. In my experience, my students sing very effortlessly with a truly touching sound of their soul songs

that they had problems with before - for the next few weeks after! Some tell me „oh I suddenly had no problems

hitting the high notes the next day as I was performing“. The breathing technique gets mostly much better.

I have also experienced a singer who was still hoarse 30 minutes before going on the stage.

I worked 5 minutes with her and the audience was enchanted. As if she had never been hoarse. 



It is a good idea to visit Magic for the voice -group sessions regurlarly to enhance a snow ball

effect for your voice and get to a new level of singing. 


You can also book one-on-one sessions. The best way to get forward is to combine

group sessions with one-on-one sessions. This way we can focus on songs in the one-on-one

sessions as you have the effect of the group session working for your sound quality in general already.

You can also book an individual session a few days or right before your performance. 

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