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Rainbow Reiki® 1



For most people, this seminar will last them a lifetime of everyday miracles. For beginners a must – for professionals a meaningful extension of their Reiki skills.




Effortlessly transfer healing energy simply by letting Reiki flow. You do not lose energy, but even become more vital! Reiki (=Universal Life Energy) stimulates vitality and self-ordering forces in the recipient (including yourself). Deep relaxation, immune stimulation, vitalization, emotional healing, spiritual growth, relief of any ailment are promoted.  In addition, there are great techniques that make Reiki an effective and highly creative „healing tool“.





  • Initiation 1st degree traditional Usui Reiki

  • Initiation 1st degree Rainbow Reiki®

  • Initiation and use of the Medicine Buddha Mantra

  • The 17 positions of the whole treatment

  • Chakra teaching

  • Chakra balancing and chakra alignment

  • The Quick Fix: Systematic Chakra Work

  • Marayana Sayi® The 20-minute power treatment „Kiss of the Great Goddess

  • More than 100 healing mantras for each body structure

  • Group treatments for 1, 10, 100 people!

  • Aura treatment

  • Aura remote treatment

  • Marayana Sayi® macro method for storing complex treatment programs

  • Marayana Sayi® For humans, animals, plants

  • Shalaya Sayi: Technique for the integration of split-offs

  • Intuitive Reiki

  • Healthy living, water & vitamins

  • Power Songs & Crystals

  • The Homeopathic Touch

  • The Cloud Hands Technique





  • SAT + SUN 10 AM - 6 PM

  • Comfort breaks

  • 90 minute lunch break




395 € incl. VAT




  • Comprehensive Manual

  • On-Demand Videos

  • Access to international  Rainbow Reiki Facebook groups







Does not replace diagnosis or therapy by a physician.

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